Shep Smith Fact-Checks Other Fox News Hosts on Their New York City Claims

This week, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio announced a plan to give healthcare coverage to all residents. The coverage will be available to all regardless of legal status or ability to pay.

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This announcement did not sit too well with the hosts of Fox News’ Outnumbered who spent the last few days bashing New York City. Fox Host, Shepherd Smith, seemingly offended by the criticism of the city, subtly responded on his show last night.

On Thursday, Outnumbered host Melissa Francis claimed that De Blasio is ruining the city, saying, “You can see the quality of life has gone down the drain. The streets are filthy. It’s more dangerous than ever. The squeegee men are back. The quality of life has gone down the drain.”

According to the latest statistics, these claims are decidedly untrue. Crime, especially homicide and shootings, reached record lows for New York City in 2018.

During his Friday night program, Smith decided to set the record straight. He told his viewers, “Here in New York City, city crime rates, violent crime rates, are the lowest they’ve been in seven decades. The violent crime rate is the lowest of any major city in America. Streets are clean, things are good. Come visit us.”

See the clip here:

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