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Donald Trump Junior Uploads Bizarre Video That He Insists Is Not About Ted Cruz (Spoiler: It Is)

Donald Trump Junior Uploads Bizarre Video That He Insists Is Not About Ted Cruz (Spoiler: It Is)

Donald Trump Junior’s latest remarks about Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) distasteful trip to Cancun during Winter Storm Uris are completely disjointed and exude a subtle-yet-unmistakable “stuffy bachelor who partook in a little too much fun in Mexico” vibe.


In a rage-tweet late Thursday night, the 43-year-old got the party of Texas Governor Greg Abbott wrong. Abbott is a deeply conservative Republican:

The hypocrisy of those trying to cancel Ted Cruz who have been totally silent on their Democrat Governor’s incompetence is telling. My thoughts on the Cancún Cruz fauxoutrage! #Cruz #CancunGate is fake.



The tweet contained a link to a video that Junior posted to Rumble in which he made some impressively dopey observations:

Guys, we gotta talk Ted Cruz a little bit. I see the news going out there right now. They’re trying to cancel him. He took a family vacation. Now, obviously, we understand that sometimes the optics of that right now isn’t [sic] ideal, but in the grand scheme of things, he’s a Senator. He doesn’t manage ‘crisises’ [sic] in states. That’s a governor’s job. He’s a federal employee. They mostly vote on things.

Junior insisted that his rant was actually him refusing to talk about the Cruz fiasco – before he mixed up the emergency situation in Texas with the COVID-19 pandemic:

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So, ya know, I’m not gonna jump on this bandwagon of trying to cancel the guy for taking his kids on a vacation. Again, maybe it’s not the ideal time, quite certainly it’s not, but like, give me a break. That they are spending more time focusing on this than they are – governors just disregarding their executive orders shutting down states, et cetera, shows you how ridiculous things are.

Everybody knows that “Flyin Ted” is better:

Now, if I were a Trump, which I am, I’d come up with a nickname for something like this, like maybe, I dunno, ‘Cancun Cruz.’ It’s funny, ugghay?

Junior concluded his twitchy soliloquy:

But like, honestly, I can’t get on this bandwagon trying to cancel the guy. It’s totally ridiculous. It’s absolutely absurd. They should focus on the things that matter. They should focus on people in power who could actually affect change in a crisis, not people who work and legislate from DC. Doesn’t make sense. It’s a double-standard we’ll always have to live up to, but, let’s be real. I’m happy to call out someone, even the people on our side of this screwup. But honestly, in my opinion, this is not one of those times.

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