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She Flipped Off Trump’s Motorcade, Lost Her Job — And On Tuesday Night, She Won Political Office

She Flipped Off Trump’s Motorcade, Lost Her Job — And On Tuesday Night, She Won Political Office

Juli Briskman didn’t think that she’d become a viral internet celebrity when she “flipped off” the president’s motorcade in 2017.

Photo by Kena Betancur/VIEWpress/Corbis via Getty Images

Briskman was biking in the D.C. area when she saw the grouping of vehicles escorting President Donald Trump back to the White House. As they drove past, she pulled out her hand, raised up her middle finger, and directed it to the motorcade.

A photographer for the president captured the image, and it soon went viral. But Briskman’s employer, a company with a government contract, wasn’t too happy with it, firing her promptly after it made the rounds, the BBC reported.

When Briskman decided to sue her employer in 2018 for wrongful termination, she said she didn’t think her hand gestures outside of work would be scrutinized. “I criticized @realDonaldTrump, but I never thought I would lose my job b/c I live in the world’s greatest Democracy,” she wrote in a tweet.

After filing her lawsuit, Briskman decided to do something bolder: run for political office. And on Tuesday night, she won a seat on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, ousting an eight-year incumbent Republican while doing so.

Staying true to her principles, Briskman shared the results of her election win online in a tweet, which featured the image that brought her fame in the first place.

Her win on Tuesday was part of a broader “blue wave” set of election victories within Virginia as a whole.

Voters in Virginia opted to vote for Democratic candidates over Republicans, and as a result, both statehouses in the state legislature are now run by Democrats. With the governorship headed by a Democrat as well, that means many progressive proposals — including support of a federal Equal Rights Amendment, CNN noted — may become a reality.

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