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Shane Vaughn Claims His God Is Sabotaging Coronavirus Vaccines

Shane Vaughn Claims His God Is Sabotaging Coronavirus Vaccines

Right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn – who earlier this month said that only his God can cause climate change – claimed on Monday that the emerging coronavirus variants, as well as waning vaccine efficacy against them, are harbingers of biological punishments that will befall humanity at the hand of Vaughn’s supreme being.

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“I’m going to tell you what God told me to tell you if you’re one of those that’s trusting in anything besides God – Yahweh – let me tell you something. They’ve got variants coming that ain’t no vaccine going to work for. This nation is under the judgment of God. And I want to tell you something right now: They’re already admitting that the vaccine is alarmingly not working. Alarmingly! They’re alarmed at what they’re seeing. Do you know why? Because America, you’re making a huge mistake,” Vaughn said as he loomed into the camera.

Proof, Vaughn proclaimed, can be found in the biblical book of Isaiah.

“I’m gonna read it to you. I’m gonna read your mistake to you. I want you to hear me and hear me well. Isaiah 31 and verse 1. Woe unto them that go down to Egypt. He’s talking about his people [the Israelites]. Woe unto them that go down to Egypt, which is the enemies of God, for help. To their Pharmacia doctors and the ones that don’t even believe in our God. But you’re running, where’s the next vaccine? Can I get another one? Can I get that second shot? The third one? Does anybody got the fourth? I need a fifth one, please. You’re running down to Egypt for your help. You’re running doooooooown to Egypt for your help,” Vaughn declared.

“Listen to what he said in verse 1: ‘and trust in horses and their chariots.’ You run down to Egypt saying, ‘give me some of your horses and some of your chariots! We need your help!’ And Yahweh says, ‘why would you need their help when I am the Lord your God? Hallelujah! When I alone give you life or call for you to die. Why would you go begging them for their help? They have nothing that’s gonna help my judgment that is coming upon this nation. The only help for the child of God in this hour is the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah,'” Vaughn yelled.

“You better learn that – and you better learn it fast – or you’re gonna chase vaccines until there ain’t no vaccines left. I don’t care if you got one. Go for it. God bless you if that’s your choice. But I’m telling you if that’s where your faith is, you’re going to be in for a big disappointment. God is going to force you to look to him,” Vaughn warned. “These vaccines are gonna quit working on every corner until this nation falls to her knees and repents for dead babies and repents for the sodomy of this nation!”

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