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Shameless Cruz Says He’ll Be There To Watch Biden Become President

Shameless Cruz Says He’ll Be There To Watch Biden Become President

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has done everything he could since Joe Biden’s landslide election win to try to steal the presidency from him. He appeared countless times on Fox News spouting the false election fraud story line fed him by Donald Trump. He offered to argue a legal challenge to the election results before the U.S. Supreme Court but never got the chance because the justices rejected the case.

Cruz even rose in the Senate chamber on Jan. 6 to oppose Congress’s certification of the Electoral College vote while just a few yards away domestic terrorists incited by his rhetoric were marauding through the U.S. Capitol and murdering a Capitol Police officer who was trying to protect his colleagues and Vice President Mike Pence.

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So it will not be without considerable drama on Jan. 20 when Cruz, who has the well-deserved reputation as the most despised, self-promoting member of Congress, attends President-elect Biden’s inauguration as he said on Friday he intends to do. In the wake of the Capitol riot the inauguration will be the highest security event ever held in Washington, D.C. Assuming the Secret Service lets him anywhere near the Capitol, the Texas senator is likely to be the least welcome, most hated attendee. It’s not known whether Biden welcomes his attendance.

Fellow senators have called for him to resign for stoking the fire of sedition and insurrection, as has his hometown newspaper, the Houston Chronicle, whose editorial board pleaded with him to “resign, Mr. Cruz, and deliver Texas from the shame of calling you our senator.”

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There is, of course, time for Cruz to develop the minimum level of self-awareness and put aside his naked opportunism to realize that he really won’t be wanted anywhere near the Biden/Harris inauguration and change his mind. That’s what first daughter Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner have decided. After initially saying that she would be there, Ivanka reversed course. Most likely she and Kushner will be on the same plane as her father Tuesday morning, headed to their¬† uncertain exile in Florida. The head of the Trump clan already has said that he’s fleeing Washington on inauguration morning. Pence, respecting the tradition of a peaceful transition of power between administration, is planning to attend.

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