Seth Moulton: ‘No Reason’ Trump Justifications For Soleimani Strike ‘Shouldn’t Be Declassified’ To American People

President Donald Trump’s decision to use a military drone to assassinate Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani last week has had little opportunity for scrutiny by the American people, given that the justifications have not yet been made public.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Trump and others within his administration have said that an attack was “imminent” from Soleimani, but have not yet provided evidence for such a claim. Indeed, the president himself has tried to say Soleimani’s past efforts were proof of his future plans.

“I knew the past; his past was horrible. He was a terrorist,” Trump said on Tuesday, according to CNN.

Rep. Seth Moulton, a Democrat from Massachusetts, believes that the Trump administration can be more forthright with why they killed Soleimani.

“I’ve seen the intel and Trump’s justification for using it to make this unilateral decision,” Moulton said in a tweet. “There’s no reason it shouldn’t be declassified. The American people deserve to see it.”

In his tweet, Moulton shared a video of himself appearing on CNN’s “New Day” program, in which he discussed a document that was shared with Congress from the administration laying out the justifications for the attack. Moulton elaborated on his point, that the rationale should be made public:

“It’s a top-secret document, obviously I can’t discuss that here, but I can tell you from reading it that it should be declassified…so that every American can see exactly what this imminent threat is and what it is not.”

“There’s nothing in there that shouldn’t be declassified,” Moulton added.

Moulton, a moderate member of the Democratic Party, tried unsuccessfully to jumpstart a run for president last year. He suspended his campaign in August when it became clear to him that he wasn’t going to win.

While he has some in the race he believes are better than others, Moulton ultimately said, upon exiting the race, that Trump needed to be removed from office come November, the New York Times reported.

“Anybody in this race will be better than Donald Trump and I will enthusiastically support whoever the nominee is,” Moulton said.

As a result of the strike on Soleimani, Iran retaliated on Tuesday evening, sending tens of ballistic missiles toward military sites in Iraq housing American troops. No casualties were initially reported as a result of the attacks, the Associated Press reported.

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