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Senator David Perdue Caught In Lie — Won’t Challenge Electoral Vote (Because He Can’t)

Senator David Perdue Caught In Lie — Won’t Challenge Electoral Vote (Because He Can’t)

Senator David Purdue hinted that he’d help keep Donald Trump in office by contesting the electoral vote on January 6th. However, that’s not in his power — because his term ends on January 3rd.

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Several current and incoming members of the U.S. House of Representatives have indicated they intend to try to prevent Donald Trump from being forced to leave the White House at the end of his single term. Though he lost the election, they say they’ll challenge the electoral vote when it’s certified on January 6th. They need at least one Senator to challenge along with them, to force deliberation.

Senator David Purdue, one of the two Republican candidates facing their election in Georgia in January, suggested he’d support the effort and help block the certification of the electoral vote. Democracy Partners executive director Lauren Windsor says that Purdue told her over the weekend that he’d fight for Trump and challenge the electoral college.

Donald Trump even promoted the tweet, thanking Windsor, who he presumably mistook for a supporter.


However, there’s a flaw in this plan, as legal and political experts were quick to point out: Purdue’s term ends on January 3rd. The runoff election in Georgia, that will determine whether he maintains his seat, in on January 5th. If he wins it, he won’t be sworn in for the new term in time to protest against the electoral college vote.

Purdue isn’t the only senator, or senator-elect, who has suggested he would join the fight to reject the electoral vote, though. Tommy Tuberville, who will be taking office on January 3rd, to represent the state of Alabama, has also spoken of refusing to certify the vote.

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