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Senate Republican Promises If Dems Alter FIlibuster, “All Bets Are Off” When GOP Retakes Power

Senate Republican Promises If Dems Alter FIlibuster, “All Bets Are Off” When GOP Retakes Power

Senate Republicans have been reduced to open threats about how they’ll freely abuse power once they retake it, as the debate rages about the current abuse of the filibuster to prevent not only the passage, but even debate on legislation that would protect voting rights.

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It’s not the first time that Republicans have made it clear they hold different standards when they’re in power, compared to when they’re not. Recall Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s blockage of President Obama’s Supreme Court pick — followed by the pushing through of Donald Trump’s pick, in the last days before an election.

Now, however, it’s about the filibuster, and below you can watch Senator John Thune (R-SD) assure listeners that his party won’t change the filibuster when they’re in power — but he makes it clear that if Democrats change the rule, then his party will happily take advantage of it when they hold the Senate again.

Democrats are saying, if we don’t do it now, Republicans will do it. Well, we’re not gonna do it. Not if you don’t. If you do, sure. Then it’s all bets are off.

Just like McConnell said that under a Republican President, he would still refuse to support pushing through a SCOTUS nominee in the last months of a term of office, right?

He’s far from the only Republican making vague or explicit threats that his side will abuse the lack of filibuster, though — here’s Thom Tillis (R-NC) warning that if the filibuster is changed, the “far-left” and “far-right” will both “ram through extreme ideological agendas.”

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Of course, the “extreme agendas” the left wants to “ram through” are things like the rights of all American citizens to vote in elections, food security for children, and access to health care — but it’s a clear “both-sidesing” of a promise to take advantage of power if Republicans can get it.

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