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Senate Filibuster Becoming a Religion for Radical Right-Wing Christians

Senate Filibuster Becoming a Religion for Radical Right-Wing Christians

The radical right’s infatuation with the United States Senate filibuster is morphing into a bizarre proto-religion in its own right. For the second time this week, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins has claimed that the filibuster is a divine tool of the Almighty and that if Democrats abolish it, the devil will seize the moment and destroy us all.


On Monday, Perkins instructed members of his hate group to pray for gridlock in Washington as a last-ditch effort to save the obstructionist, legislative weapon that was invented to grant greater shares of power to slaveholders.

“I pray for God’s blessing on [President] Joe Biden and [Vice President] Kamala Harris, as they yield themselves to him, praying that he would turn their hearts as he does the rivers of water. But if they refuse the truth and go against the truth, I pray that look, they would be confused, they would have conflict, and gridlock would settle upon Washington D.C.,” Perkins said.

Then, on Wednesday, conservative bigot Jim Garlow joined Perkins’ Pray Vote Stand podcast, where he infused an already nonsensical narrative with a fierce dose of alternative facts.

First, Perkins warned that he was “not gonna sugarcoat this. If the filibuster goes, our country is at the mercy of the most evil legislation we’ve ever seen,” reiterating what he had said on Monday.

Perkins was referring to the Equality Act, which expands civil rights protections for marginalized Americans.

Garlow was beside himself over that most basic democratic standard:

So we’ve come to this place where, and this is, this is the part where American Christians must grasp it. This is not an issue any longer of Republican versus Democrat. This is not an issue of [ex-President Donald] Trump versus Biden. This is not an issue of right versus left. We are at a place – this is an issue of right versus wrong – of good versus evil – of the struggle of angelic beings against demonic forces.

That’s not hyperbole. It’s not melodramatic. It’s the reality of where we are. All the people I know who’ve been under Communism, and the few left that are old enough that were under the Nazis, all say to the person, what they witnessed in their countries is exactly what they’re observing in this nation right now.

…observing from him, maybe.

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Perkins returned to issue his marching orders.

“Number one, pray. Continue to pray. Put this on your prayer list, that we’re praying for our nation, praying for our leaders in the Senate in particular,” Perkins said.

“We’re praying for God to intervene, and changing their hearts, and just, you know, if they’re gonna move toward this evil of eliminating the filibuster so they can push through this federal takeover of elections, so they can push through the Equality Act which will be the death of religious freedom in this country, let gridlock descend on our nation’s capital,” said Perkins.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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