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Senate Candidate Levels Pedophilia Allegations Against Mike Pence, John Roberts

Senate Candidate Levels Pedophilia Allegations Against Mike Pence, John Roberts

The q-anon conspiracy theory is the false notion that Donald Trump is secretly taking down a pedophile ring made up of powerful people. An additional effect of this bizarre claim is that a number of Trump’s supporters seem ready to assume that anyone and everyone who is against him is either a pedophile or a pedophile supporter — and they use a very broad definition of “against.”

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Trump himself is the subject of multiple sexual assault allegations, and allegations of sexually predatory behavior towards minors. However, his fans are quick to point fingers at anyone who opposes him in any matter.

When the Supreme Court didn’t move to overturn the election for Trump, some of his supporters, including attorney Lin Wood, jumped on the conspiracy theory that it was because Chief Justice John Roberts was a secret pedophile, and that he had to prevent Trump from being re-elected to protect himself. None of the people making this claim ever provided any evidence, other than that the (rather common) name ‘John Roberts’ appears on the flight logs of Jeffrey Epstein, and no evidence that the John Roberts in question is the Supreme Court Justice.

However, on even less evidence than that, MAGA is now accusing Mike Pence (who also did not help Trump try to overturn the election) of the same. Here’s a 2022 Senate candidate who claims that not only are Pence and Roberts pedophiles, but that everyone in power knows it.

The Stew Peters Show identifies the guest, though his face isn’t shown, as Dr. Jonathan McGreevey — a candidate who hopes to be elected in 2022 to represent the state of Maryland in the United States Senate.

McGreevey does not address why Trump would have put Pence in power by taking him as Vice President, in the hypothetical world where Trump is dedicated to exposing and destroying pedophiles (although, to be fair, no q-anon proponent has ever explained why Trump has never actually exposed any pedophiles) or on what evidence he claims this.

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