Sen. Sherrod Brown Roasts Mnuchin Over Forcing People Back to Work

Steve Mnuchin, the Treaury Secretary of the United States is well known as a billionaire. He has also been criticized for being out of touch with the plight of the American worker. Mnuchin was slammed for saying that $1200 stimulus checks for last American families around 10 weeks.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Treasury Secretary held a virtual call with senators on Tuesday to discuss the current state of the economy. During that call, Mnuchin got in a testy exchange with Sherrod Brown who accused the Trump administration of forcing people back to work.

Brown began by citing the fact that there is no, “no national program to provide worker safety.” The Ohio Senator then asked the Treasury Secretary, “How many workers should give their lives to increase the [gross domestic product] or the Dow Jones by 1,000 points?”

Clearly irritated by the question, Mnuchin responded, “No workers should give their lives to do that, Mr. Senator, and I think your characterization is unfair.”

Brown also took to Twitter, posting, “You’d think that at a time when we’re demanding more from workers than ever before to keep our society running, we’d finally recognize that all labor has dignity. But once again, workers are getting left behind.”

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