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Sen. Nelson Reveals that Russians Have ‘Penetrated’ Florida’s Voter Registration System

Sen. Nelson Reveals that Russians Have ‘Penetrated’ Florida’s Voter Registration System

While President Trump seems to be ignoring much of the concern others have over America’s security of our election systems, Russia appears to be moving forward with a plan to attack the 2018 midterm elections. Now we learn that Florida may be front and center in this war against our democratic election system.

This afternoon, senior Florida Senator Bill Nelson, surprised everyone when he revealed to the Tampa Bay Times that Russian operatives have successfully ‘penetrated’ Florida’s election systems leading up to the November 6th midterms.

“They have already penetrated certain counties in the state and they now have free rein to move about. We were requested by the chairman and vice chairman of Intelligence Committee to let supervisors of election in Florida know that the Russians are in their records. This is no fooling,” Nelson told the Times on Wednesday.

Nelson also appears to know more than he’s actually revealing. Asked yesterday to elaborate on possible Russian penetration of Florida’s election systems, Senator Nelson simply said, “that’s classified”.

Nelson indicated that the likely motive of Russia appears to be one of confusion and chaos, by messing with voter rolls.

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“You can imagine the chaos that would occur on election day when the voters get to the polls and they say, ‘I’m sorry Mr. Smith, I’m sorry Mr, Jones, you’re not registered’. That’s exactly what the Russians want to do. They want to sow chaos in our democratic institutions.” Nelson said.

The Department of Homeland Security confirmed that in 2016 hackers had targeted at least 21 states, but only a small number were actually penetrated. Based on the fact that a large swing state like Florida has been penetrated prior to this year’s midterms, US officials should be scrambling to make sure voter rolls are safe.

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