Sen. Chris Coons: GOP Colleagues Are Asking Me To Congratulate Biden Because They Can’t Do It Publicly Yet

Joe Biden has received congratulations from many different places since the presidential race has been called for him. World leaders like Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson have all said they’ve reached out to Biden. And former President George W. Bush issued a statement over the weekend.

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Republicans in the senate, however, have been slower to talk about the reality of Biden becoming the next president. That doesn’t mean, though, that they are not aware of the situation. Chris Coons says that Republican colleagues are asking him to congratulate Biden for them since they can’t do so publicly.

While, some Republicans have reacted to Biden’s win, including Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Ben Sasse, the vast majority of them have not.”

Coons was asked about this during Tuesday’s episode of New Day. He told host Alysin Camerota, “They call me to say, ‘Congratulations, please convey my well wishes to the President-Elect, but I can’t say that publicly yet.”

When pressed for names by the CNN hosts, the Delaware Democrat responded, “My job here, I think, is to continue to urge them privately to do the right thing. And to help the president accept reality, and to help their caucus stand up publicly. Because frankly, the transition is going to be chaotic, at best, if it doesn’t get moving very soon. It should be underway already.”

Watch a clip of Coon’s comments below, courtesy of CNN:


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