Sen. Bernie Sanders Announces his Candidacy for President on Vermont Public Radio

Early this morning, Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont announced that he is running for President in 2020, according to Vermont Public Radio.

“I wanted to let the people of the state of Vermont know about this first,” Sanders told Vermont Public Radio’s Bob Kinzel. “And what I promise to do is, as I go around the country, is to take the values that all of us in Vermont are proud of — a belief in justice, in community, in grassroots politics, in town meetings — that’s what I’m going to carry all over this country.”

It has long been expected that the 77 year old, former Independent, now turned Democrat would seek another Presidential bid to challenge Trump, but many wondered if his age might be a factor.

Age apparently is not a factor as the Senator says he will be running to help push forward many progressive ideas such as a $15 minimum wage and universal healthcare coverage.

Sanders has also updated his Facebook page and released a video on social media this morning, with a new banner and slogan that reads, “Not me. Us.”

“I think the current occupant of the White House is an embarrassment to our country,” Sanders said. “I think he is a pathological liar… I also think he is a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, somebody who is gaining cheap political points by trying to pick on minorities, often undocumented immigrants.”

The field of Democrats continues to grow, and more announcements are expected soon.

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