Seinfeld Star Jason Alexander Compares Trump’s Terrible Dance Moves to Elaine’s

Donald Trump has begun to dance at his rallies. It is not known when or why he started doing it. It may be an attempt by his campaign to humanize the president a little bit. Or it may be the residual effects of the steroids he took to combat COVID-19.

Image Via Daily Motion Screenshot

The crowd certainly gets a big kick out of seeing Trump dance. And Ivanka Trump recently gleefully tweeted about it. But the truth of the matter is the president is a downright terrible dancer. So bad, in fact, that Seinfeld star Jason Alexander recently likened it to Elaine dancing on Seinfeld.

The character, played Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, was a famously bad dancer. George Constanza described it as being, “like a full body dry-heave.”

And the man who played George sees a lot of similarities with Trump. Jason Alexander tweeted a video of Trump dancing, writing, “The President is apparently a fan of Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ famous I can’t dance for sh*t moves. Julia was working hard to be that awful. I feel like these are his best moves.”


Julia Louis-Dreyfuss also chimed in via Twitter. She responded, “First he stole all of Veep. Now he’s stealing from Seinfeld. Melania deserves an Emmy for acting like she’s attracted to THIS.”

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