Seemingly Unaware That They Don’t Have Electoral Votes, Trump Begs for Puerto Rican Support

Donald Trump is not all that popular in Puerto Rico. He was roundly criticized in his response to Hurricane Maria which struck the island in September of 2017. There was, of course, the viral moment where he visited Puerto Rico and threw paper towel rolls to crowds of people who had just lost their homes.

Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

But for some reason, Trump has decided that was wants to try to make inroads in the island. Just last month, he announced that he will be sending $13 billion in aid to the territory. This is, unfortunately, three years after they actually needed it. And on Monday night, the president demanded that people of Puerto Rico vote for him.

During his speech last night in Sanford, Florida, Trump said, “I’m not gonna say the best, but I’m just about the best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico. You better vote for me, Puerto Rico.”

The problem is, that Puerto Ricans who live in Puerto Rico don’t actually have a vote for president. It is unclear whether Trump understands that or not. There is also the possibility that he was encouraging Puerto Ricans who currently live in Florida to support him.

Trump has never been much of a fan of the island. Former DHS Chief of Staff Miles Taylor recently told MSNBC, “One time before we went down, he told us not only did he want to purchase Greenland, he actually said he wanted to see if we could sell Puerto Rico, could we swap Puerto Rico for Greenland. Because in his words, Puerto Rico was dirty and the people were poor.”

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