Seeing Trump As A Hazard, PGA Tour To Pull Major Championship From New Jersey Club

Other than himself, there’s nothing Donald Trump loves more than golf. He loves playing it – more than 300 rounds since becoming president. He owns and/or operates 17 golf properties around the world, although the ones in Europe have lost $90 million in the past eight years.

And no doubt he was planning on strutting proudly about his Trump National Bedminster golf club in New Jersey next year during the 2022 PGA Championship, one of the four major tournaments in professional golf. He did so during the 2017 U.S. Women’s Open tournament, which was played there. But it now looks like he could have all 18 holes to himself. NJ.com is reporting that the PGA of America plans to relocate the tournament elsewhere as part of a move by the sport to distance itself from Trump.

(Photo NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images)

Trump’s incitement of his supporters’ rioting at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 is seen as making post-presidential affiliation with him toxic. In a blistering column that says the golf world must sever all ties with Trump,¬†Golfweek’s Eamon Lynch writes, “Seth Waugh, the PGA of America’s CEO, was a banker and has an alert eye for high-risk exposure. He knows that Trumpism is likely to be an equally incendiary force in the ’22 midterm elections and that any affiliation is poisonous. Waugh will be forced to move the event and face down a small but vocal faction of his membership who remain true believers. Moving its major from Trump National has been debated internally at the PGA for more than two years, but executives have been reluctant to antagonize a famously vindictive man who controls the Internal Revenue Service. Such concerns melt away in 10 days, if not sooner.”

Some of the sport’s biggest celebrities, including¬†Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, have angered many of their fans by cozying up to Trump. Nicklaus endorsed Trump’s reelection bid in October and then faced a huge backlash. In calling for the sport to distance itself from Trump, Lynch says, “the events of January 6 that left five people dead ought to make him a pariah everywhere. Including in golf.”

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