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Secret Service Requesting Jet Skis to Protect Trump Family

Secret Service Requesting Jet Skis to Protect Trump Family

When a new president takes office, the Secret Service is responsible for the protection of his or her children. Donald Trump has five children and only one of them, son Barron, lives with the president in the White House.

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Three of the adult children, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric, have families of their own and frequently travel around the globe. American taxpayers foot the bill for their protection. The Secret Service is now making a new request thanks the the Trump family’s activities. The Agency is requesting jet skis that agents can ride while the Trumps are participating in water sports.

WRC-TVC reporter Scott McFarlane unearthed the unusual request. The Secret Service wrote, “President Trump and his family spend several weeks throughout the year in Mar-a-Lago, Florida and Hamptons, New York. The first family is very active in water sports.”

The request continued, “Several family members along with their guest participate in open water activities for which USSS Special Agent Rescue Swimmers are responsible. SA’s have rented watercraft with their won personal funds to allow them to be near our protectees in various water environments to fulfill the USSS Rescue Swimmer mission.”

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The cost of the requested vehicles, made by Kawasaki, runs from $9,999 to $15,299. These won’t be normal jet skis, though, as they will feature special rescue saving equipment. The Secret Service wrote that the machines will “be outfitted with rescue sleds (in a separate purchase) that will be used by USSS Rescue Swimmers as training tools, as well as assets that can be used on a variety of protective missions, as needed.”


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