Second Venue Abruptly Pulls Plug On Greene-Gaetz Event

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) late Friday abruptly were kicked out of another southern California venue where they had planned to hold their Democrat-bashing rally.

Raincross Hospitality, the private company that operates the Riverside Convention Center under contract with the city, informed the controversial right-wing lawmakers they are not welcome in the facility. The company did not provide a reason for kicking Greene and Gaetz to the curb, although there had been virulent, vocal opposition from many local residents and government officials.

A week ago the Pacific Hills Banquet & Event Center in Laguna Hills, Calif. rescinded its decision to host the rally after learning that it was being led by Greene and Gaetz. In announcing that reversal, Javad Mirtavoosi, general manager of Pacific Hills Banquet & Event Center in Laguna Hills, told local news media. “We just want to stay clear of that. As soon as we found out who the speakers were we immediately canceled it.”

Greene’s campaign said in an email Friday night that it was “changing the venue a third time,” although it’s actually the second time the venue has been changed. She indicated that the third location for the event now is the Anaheim Event Center and accused Democrats and Black Lives Matter of “doing everything they can to kick us out of California” and “harass and bully any venue we book.”

She reiterated that claim in a video she posted late Friday night on Twitter saying, “The radical left and woke mob are trying to cancel our rally but we’re not gonna let that happen. So here’s the message for you, communist Democrats: we’re going to stand up and we will have our America first rally tomorrow. You can’t cancel us, you can’t stop us and we will save America.”

Gaby Plascencia, a nonpartisan member of the Riverside City Council, went on the record saying goodbye and good riddance to the politicians’ hate-fest, saying in a statement, “Riverside is a diverse and inclusive community, so it is heartening to hear that this event will not move forward. I am disappointed we even got to this point, because these speakers are the antithesis of everything Riverside stands for.”

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