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A Second Trump Org Employee Discussed An Immunity Deal Fed Prosecutors

A Second Trump Org Employee Discussed An Immunity Deal Fed Prosecutors

A second employee from the Trump Organization, Donald Trump’s personal company, previously discussed an immunity deal with federal prosecutors.

Sources close to the matter told CNN that the employee was not asked to testify before a grand jury after “prosecutors in the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York decided against granting such protection.”

Talk of a second potential witness arrives only a week after Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg was granted immunity for providing information about Michael Cohen’s dealings with Donald Trump. Weisselberg confirmed that Michael Cohen made payments to several women who had affairs with Trump. Those payments were made during Trump’s 2016 Presidential election campaign.

David Pecker, Trump’s longtime friend and CEO of Amiercan Media Inc. was also recently given immunity to testify about the hush money paid for by Trump’s team.

While federal prosecutors have not charged any Trump Organization executives with crimes, court papers show how the charity was used to reimburse Cohen for work executives knew wasn’t legitimate.

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Because the Trump Organization employee did not testify, we don’t know at this time what information they attempted to provide to federal prosecutors.

You can read more about the illegitimate payments allegedly made to Cohen HERE.

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