Sebastian Gorka: MLK is Spinning in his Grave Over Biden’s VP Finalists Being Black Women

In March, before he had secured the Democratic nomination, Joe Biden promised that he VP choice would be a woman. While there are still a number of candidates being considered, Axios is reporting that Susan Rice and Kamala Harris are the finalists.

Gage Skidmore

Biden’s VP choice has been a prominent topic on the Fox News network. On Monday, Tucker Carlson said that Biden seeking out a woman of color for the spot was probably illegal. Lou Dobbs and Sebastian Gorka went even futher on Wednesday. Gorka claimed that Martin Luther King would is “spinning in his grave” over the decision making process.

The Hungarian Conservative made the comments during an appearance on Fox Business. Dobbs asked, “I’m not sure this country is color blind anymore. And I wonder about Hispanics’ concern about the fact that this nominee is — has reduced his vice president possibilities down to two Black women. Your thoughts about why, why not Hispanic?”

Gorka replied, “I think Martin Luther King is spinning in his grave. The Democrat Party’s picking its vice presidential nominee based upon their genitalia and their skin color. That should horrify Hispanics, Asians, everybody who believes in the message that we are based upon our character, not our skin color.”

Watch a clip of the segment, courtesy of Fox Business and Media Matters:


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