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Sebastian Gorka has Been Banned From YouTube

Sebastian Gorka has Been Banned From YouTube

Sebastian Gorka, who briefly worked in Donald Trump’s administration, is a prominent conservative pundit who often appears on Fox News. The Hungarian immigrant is most well known for his comments against the Muslim religion.

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Gorka has a decent sized audience to his nationally syndicated Salem Radio show. He could also be followed via his YouTube channel. That is, until Monday, when the pundit was banned by YouTube for repeatedly violating the website’s terms of service.

It is not unusual for Alt-Right figures to be deplatformed from social media sites. Alex Jones and his Infowars show were banned from multiple sites, including YouTube, in August of 2018.

Gorka’s recent ban, though, has nothing to do with his controversial takes. The pundit has been removed from the site because he refused to stop playing music by the band, Imagine Dragons.

Imagine Dragons lead singer, Dan Reynolds, identifies as a Democrat and often asks conservatives to not use the band’s music. He was upset when he learned that Gorka was using his song, Radioactive, on his YouTube broadcasts.

After being notified by a fan, Reynolds tweeted, “Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ve never given permission for this use. Please stop playing imagine dragons on your show Sebastian Gorka.”


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After the message from Reynolds, Gorka continued to play the song. After learning of this, the lead singer tweeted, “Losing my mind on this. Thanks for keeping on my radar.”


Gorka has now been banned from YouTube. The website confirmed the ban, explaining the channel, “was terminated due to multiple copyright strikes.”

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