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Sebastian Gorka Calls For the Return of Firings Squads

Sebastian Gorka Calls For the Return of Firings Squads

The Trump administration and it’s sycophants get very excited about the prospect of capital punishment. The President himself has repeatedly called for people to be shot by police. Trump could barely contain his glee this weekend when talking about the killing or Portland man, Michael Reinoehl. “There has to be retribution,” Trump told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro this weekend.

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Sebastian Gorka, a bombastic radio host and former Trump staffer thinks even the death penalty isn’t enough punishment. Following the shooting of two police officers this weekend in Compton, California, Gorka has called for the return of firing squads.

The host said of people who would do harm to police officers, “Animals, that’s what they are. I think we should bring back death by firing squad. I think that’s what America needs. Forget this wussy injection, forget the electric chair that never works and they have to be fried three times. Six guys, with M-4s, that’ll do the job.”

Gorka continued by saying, “Let’s find this man and let’s shoot him. After he’s found guilty because we’ve got the video. Don’t waste millions of dollars locking him away, and he gets his appeals, and he gets three warm meals a day. No. He is an assassin, he is an attempted cop killer; a bullet to the brain.”

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Watch the full episode of Gorka’s radio program below, courtesy of YouTube:


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