Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Blasts William Barr’s Reported Threats to Prosecute Her

Over the last year, William Barr has shown that he will do almost anything to protect Donald Trump. This even extends outside the White House as the Department of Justice is attempting to intervene in a defamation case brought against the President by E. Jean Carroll.

Photo by Karen Ducey/Getty Images

According to a recent report, Barr has also looked into the possibility of prosecuting Trump’s political opponents. This includes Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan. Durkan recently responded to the report, saying that she found it “chilling.”

The New York Times reported on Wednesday that Barr asked prosecutors, “to consider targeting Durkan for charges over a decision to allow protesters to establish an area free from police.”

Durkan responded to her report via her Twitter page. She wrote, “This report is chilling and the latest abuse of power from the Trump administration. This is not a story about me. It’s about the how this President and his Attorney General are willing to subvert the law and use the DOJ for political purposes.”

The Seattle mayor continued, “As a former U.S. Attorney, I took an oath of office to protect the Constitution. The DOJ cannot become a political weapon operated at the behest of the President to target those who have spoken out against his actions. That is an act of tyranny, not of democracy.”


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