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Sean Spicer Calls Election Fraud Claims ‘Concerning,’ Says He Wouldn’t Work With Trump

Sean Spicer Calls Election Fraud Claims ‘Concerning,’ Says He Wouldn’t Work With Trump

Donald Trump’s 4 years in office seemed to take a lifetime. So one can be forgiven if they forget some of the more notable members of his staff.

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Sean Spicer was the former president’s first press secretary. And he is best remembered for lying about the number of attendees at Trump’s inauguration.

Following his embarrassing stint, Spicer first went on Dancing With the Stars and now hosts a show on Newsmax. And he’s comfortable there. He recently told Mediaite that he found the election fraud claims and the incidents they caused to be ‘concerning’ and said that he wouldn’t work with Trump again.

Spicer said on The Interview podcast, “Yes, I think it’s very concerning. And you saw the fallout, frankly, in the Georgia Senate elections where we lost two seats, frankly, because a lot of people said, well, I’m not going to go out and vote if the system is [rigged]. You can’t win a race, frankly, in the R or the D side, if your base isn’t energized,” Spicer added. “And I think that when there are people that fundamentally don’t believe that the system is fair, you’re going to have a problem.”

When asked about his political future, the former press secretary said:

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“No and no. Look, his isn’t a shocker. I said this at the beginning of our conversation. I love what I do now. I have found a sweet spot. I love and I will say this as far as Donald Trump goes, he is an intense guy to work for. I mean, he demands a lot of people who work for him. But since I’ve left, he’s been a good friend and he’s been unbelievably supportive of my endeavors of my work at Newsmax, my books. He voted for me on Dancing with the Stars. And so I’d much rather be a friend and a supporter than an employee.”


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