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Sean Hannity: Joe Biden Had a Much Easier Case of COVID Than Trump Did [VIDEO]

Sean Hannity: Joe Biden Had a Much Easier Case of COVID Than Trump Did [VIDEO]

When Donald Trump was in office, Conservative media went into overdrive trying to portray him as a strong leader. Despite the fact that Trump was clearly overweight and had a terrible diet, clips were regularly shown of him on the golf course. When Trump had trouble walking down a ramp, excuses were immediately made.

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Like Trump, Joe Biden is a man in his 70s that doesn’t have the spring in his step that someone in their 30s. Still, networks like Fox have treated him like an invalid. This is a tack taken by Sean Hannity last night when talking about how rapidly Biden recovered from his bout with COVID. According to the Fox host, that only happened because he had a much less serious case than Trump had in 2020.

Hannity told his audience:

“What Joe failed to mention is the current variant, which is BA.5, the dominant variant of the omicron is much, much weaker than the original strain that infected then-President Trump. By the way, not that I recall, I never saw a Donald Trump trip, not once, not twice, but three times climbing up the stairs to Air Force One and then having a spokesperson claim it was very windy.”

The Fox host continued, “Donald Trump never got blown over by the wind. This current Covid variant is so weak that even a frail, cognitively-impaired 79-year-old can recover at home with no problem, whatsoever.”

Trump, of course, was much sicker with COVID than his doctors were willing to let on. Watch a clip of the segment below:

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