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Sean Hannity is Angry About Howard’s Stern’s Hillary Clinton Interview

Sean Hannity is Angry About Howard’s Stern’s Hillary Clinton Interview

While many people still see Howard Stern as a “shock jock”, he has also become one of the media’s premier interviewers. This interview skill was on display on Wednesday as Stern interviewed Hillary Clinton. The host got the former Secretary of State to go in depth on a number of her former colleagues.

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One particularly memorable portion of the interview saw Clinton say that it’s like Lindsey Graham had a “brain-snatch.” This part drew the ire of Fox News host Sean Hannity who said that this Stern is not the one he “grew up with.”

Hannity attempted to paint Stern as a member of the elite, rather than a man of the people. He said, “Stern [asked] — this is a little ironic — did Lindsey Graham sell his soul? The guy I grew up listening to, Howard Stern, to me, would have supported Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton. And probably wouldn’t be at Hamptons polo matches and parties.”

The Fox News host then continued, “Not sure why Howard hates Trump and loves her. Makes no sense. That’s not the guy I grew up listening to.”

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Stern, however, has never made a secret of his admiration for Hillary Clinton. He tried hard to get her on his radio show before the 2016 election because he thought it would help her connect with voters. He wrote of the former First Lady in his recent book:

“I have been a fan of Hillary for nearly as long as I’ve known Donald. This woman has dedicated her life to public service, and that’s what I look for in a candidate. She was a first lady, senator, secretary of state. Her entire life has been in the service of our country.”

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