Sean Hannity Investigated For Pulling an Aunt Becky to Get His Son Into College

Months after a college admissions scandal that included actors Felicity Huffman and Lori “Aunt Becky from Full House” Loughlin, Fox News host Sean Hannity is under similar scrutiny for his actions before and during his son’s admission to Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

A new report on Salon.com reveals that several months before his son even applied to the university, Hannity purchased a private jet painted in the school colors. Hannity also bought a mansion located about three miles from the campus tennis facility, and the tennis team’s head coach soon moved in next door.

Sean Hannity divorce
[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]
According to Wake Forest, Hannity’s son Patrick Hannity applied at some point in the fall of 2016, and was accepted in October. During a Fox Business appearance on Aug. 29 of that year, in which Sean Hannity competed in a tennis serving contest with a few of his on-air colleagues, he said that his son was “going to Wake Forest. He’s so happy.”

The report also details Hannity flying the tennis team on his private jet and that one of Patrick Hannity’s tennis coaches at Wake Forest moved into Hannity’s new home in Winston-Salem almost immediately and lived there with Patrick for several months. Wake Forest requires students to live in campus housing for three years unless they live with a parent or guardian in the area.

There is currently an investigation underway regarding the coach’s connection to the Hannity family and whether or not any inappropriate steps were taken to guarantee Patrick Hannity’s acceptance to Wake Forest as well as his place on the tennis team. The full profile can be read here.


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