Sean Hannity: I'm Prepared For a Mass Shooting Event Because I Practice Martial Arts

On Wednesday night, the country experienced yet another mass shooting and Fox News' Sean Hannity delivered some advice on how he would handle a mass shooting. 

Whenever there is a mass shooting like the one last night, Conservatives quickly quip that now is not the time to talk about gun control. While they are saying that, the Republican media arm rapidly moves to defend automatic weapons and peoples rights to have them. 

Fox's Sean Hannity spoke to presidential candidate hopeful Nikki Haley about the matter during his show last night. He lamented, "What bothers me is that I can literally, probably count the seconds before an incident like this becomes politicized. And that part of it I never like, because that's not going to bring back lives."

The Fox host then came up with an absurd solution, saying, "And then I always ask the question, when something like this happens, what is your plan? What do you do? I have a personal security plan. I train in mixed martial arts. I've been a big believer in the Second Amendment for a long time, with the prayer that I would never have to use it."

Of course, Hannity's tough-guy solution is moronic. Martial arts moves would not have very much impact on the kinds of automatic weapons these mass shooters are using. But his goal is not to come up with a solution so much as it is to distract from the matter until the country moves on to something else.