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Sean Hannity Expects President Trump to Fire Mueller After Hurricane Florence

Sean Hannity Expects President Trump to Fire Mueller After Hurricane Florence

It’s been close to a year now since the first rumors began to spread, claiming that President Trump would soon fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or at least force others to fire Mueller for him. With all the rumors surfacing, Trump has yet to make the move, instead opting to try and discredit any potential report that investigators will bring forth, likely late this year or early next year.

This week, however, one of the strongest indications yet that Trump may in fact finally decide to try and remove Mueller and shut down the Special Counsel has surfaced, and it’s from one of the President’s biggest allies, Sean Hannity.

Hannity, who regularly talks to the President on the phone and almost obsessively defends every move that the President makes, on both his radio show and his show on Fox News, made the remarks yesterday afternoon to a listener who called into his radio program.

When the caller asked the talk show host whether the President could or should end the Mueller investigation, since there has been “no crimes brought against him,” Hannity’s reply was an interesting one.

“Listen, I think all of that’s going to happen,” Hannity said. “I think it’s going to happen sooner than later.”

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Hannity then told his listeners that Trump would not make such a move within days of the 9/11 anniversary, and has his hands full with Hurricane Florence bearing down on the East Coast, but then suggested that such a move will likely come after the Hurricane.

“But afterwards, I would expect that he will do that,” Hannity said, referring to the decision to end the Mueller probe.

While Trump technically would have a difficult time directly firing Mueller himself, there are multiple routes that he could take to end the probe and force others to fire Mueller for him. The president could pressure Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to do the task, or else try and force Rosenstein to resign, leading to a line of succession that Trump would have to go through until someone agrees to fire Mueller.

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