Sean Hannity Divorce Confirmed; After More Than 20 Years Of Marriage

According to a new report, right-wing political commentator Sean Hannity’s marriage is ending — or perhaps, the end is just going public, after years. Hannity has been a controversial figure over the years, but has credited his wife with being ‘the brains’ behind his talk show success.

Sean Hannity divorce
[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

According to a new Page Six report, Hannity’s divorce from his former wife, Jill Rhodes, is confirmed, and actually isn’t all that recent, but was kept hidden from the public. Friends of the couple say they’ve actually been divorced for a year, and were legally separated far before that. The two may have kept their divorce a secret even longer, except that people noticed Rhodes’ absence from Fox News events Hannity attended.

Hannity dedicated his first book to his wife, and says that she’s the brains behind his success. People close to the couple say they’ve maintained a friendly relationship for the sake of their two children, Patrick and Merri Kelly. When asked for a statement, they told Page Six that they entered into an amicable agreement over four years ago, and that they will not be responding to any further inquiries.

Hannity has been central to additional controversiies since showing open support for and defense of President Donald Trump, with CNN reporting that Trump even suggested in an interview earlier this year, that he had postponed an official phone call with China in order to schedule an appearance on Hannity’s Fox opinion show, while the COVID-19 pandemic raised political issues between Trump and China.

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