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Sean Hannity Blasts Pelosi For Trump ‘In Prison’ Comments — He Had No Issue With Trump’s ‘Lock Her Up’

Sean Hannity Blasts Pelosi For Trump ‘In Prison’ Comments — He Had No Issue With Trump’s ‘Lock Her Up’

Fox News host Sean Hannity acted in an apparently hypocritical fashion after he chastised Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for comments she recently made about President Donald Trump.

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Pelosi, while speaking to her Democratic caucus, said that her preference on the issue of impeachment was that she’d rather see Trump lose re-election in 2020 and then see him prosecuted thereafter, resulting in the president being “in prison” due to his possible criminal behavior, Politico reported.

Those comments infuriated Hannity, who called them “beyond despicable,” according to reporting from Talking Points Memo.

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi telling senior Democrats she would like to see Trump behind bars. Based on no actual crime she wants to a political opponent locked up in prison? Um, that happens in banana republics,” Hannity said.

If that seems a bit hypocritical, it’s because it’s hard to view it in any other way. According to the Washington Post, Hannity himself promoted for years the idea that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party nominee who ran against Trump in 2016, should face criminal repercussions for her use of a private email server to handle sensitive government documents.

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Several hours of testimony from Clinton before Congress, as well as years of investigations from the legislative branch when it was controlled by Republicans, resulted in no charges against her.

Chants of “lock her up” became commonplace during Trump’s campaign in 2016. He even threatened Clinton directly during one of the debates. “If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation,” Trump said, according to the BBC.

Hannity apparently didn’t have any criticisms toward Trump’s threats directed at Clinton when he made them at the debate, nor when he encouraged chants at campaign rallies during his run for president.

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