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SE Cupp: NOAA Backing Trump Is Five Alarm Fire

SE Cupp: NOAA Backing Trump Is Five Alarm Fire

CNN host SE Cupp has some pretty significant conservative bonafides. She began her career working for news sources such as the New York Times and Politico. She has also been a frequent critic of President Trump and the actions of his current administration.

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During a spot on her show, Uncensored on Saturday, Cupp took aim at Trump’s recent claims that Hurricane Dorian would be making landfall in Alabama. The host referred to the recent National Atmospheric and Oceanic administration’s claims that Trump was correct.

Last week, the Birmingham Weather Service said that Trump’s claims that the hurricane would hit Alabama were untrue. The NOAA wrote, “The Birmingham National Weather Service’s Sunday morning tweet spoke in absolute terms that were inconsistent with probabilities from the best forecast products available at the time.”

Cupp said of the NOAA’s statement, “This is a five-alarm fire. The president and his lackeys spent their time crafting revisionist history because he can’t just say I made a mistake.”

She continued, “The stunning lengths he would go to include personally doctoring a day-old official map with a sharpie. Calling a reporter into his office to argue his point as the active hurricane is hitting the U.S. On its actual trajectory, unwise at best, dangerous at worse.”

Cupp ended her segment by slamming the President for refusing to admit he had made a mistake. “Trump could have said he misspoke or ignored it all together but no, he spent the week trying to make it true–enlisting scientists, journalists, government officials in his deranged campaign,” she said.

You can watch Cupp’s climate focused segment here:

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