SCOTUS Tax Ruling a Loss for Trump Says Fox News’ Napolitano

One of the biggest accomplishments of Donald Trump’s presidency has been placing Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. Today, both those men elected to rule against the President. The state of New York will now have access to 10 years of Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Andrew Napolitano (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

Conservative pundits were quick to spin the decision as a win for Trump. They claim that the ruling wasn’t devastating for Trump as New York is unlikely to get the documents before the election. Still, Fox News Andrew Napolitano argued that this was a loss for the President.

The legal expert explained that Trump is, “not immune from criminal prosecution and is not immune from complying with the ordinary process of criminal prosecution.”

Napolitano continued, “Ultimately, this might not affect the election, but it certainly will affect the president’s peace of mind. I would think this would be resolved before November.”

The Fox judge finished, “It’s July, the subpoena is extensive, it demands 10 years worth of information, but the accountants say they have it and they’re ready to turn it over.”

Another Fox legal analyst, Chris Stirewalt, was in agreement with Napolitano. “The truth here is this is a big defeat for Trump,” he said. “What the Supreme Court said in sending this back is unambiguous, which is that Trump is going to see these things released to prosecutors and it’s not going to take that long because they’re ready to go.”

Watch a clip of Napolitano’s statements below, courtesy of Fox News:

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