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Scotland’s Green Party Wants Donald Trump’s ‘Toxic Brand’ Banned From Country

Scotland’s Green Party Wants Donald Trump’s ‘Toxic Brand’ Banned From Country

Political leaders in Scotland are demanding an immediate investigation and ban on former President Donald Trump’s “toxic brand” because his Turnberry golf resort in Ayshire has posted consecutive enormous losses since Trump purchased it in 2014.

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On Wednesday, the Scottish Greens, a staunchly pro-environment party that holds five seats in the Scottish Parliament, urged First Minister Nicola Sturgeon “to begin seeking an unexplained wealth order (UWO) regarding Mr. Trump’s purchase of Ayrshire’s Turnberry golf resort in 2014,” according to People’s World.

On Thursday, Patrick Harvie, the co-chair of the Scottish Greens, pressed Sturgeon again to “stop hiding behind officials” and investigate Trump’s activities:

One of the biggest proponents globally of dangerous misinformation – from Covid to climate and more – has been kicked off Twitter and Facebook, today is being kicked out of the White House. And it’s time we kicked his toxic brand out of Scotland too.

From today, Donald Trump will no longer be the US President, and his business activities are under criminal investigation in the US. Yet his purchases in Scotland have still not been investigated, despite serious concerns about how they were funded.

This advice was sent to the First Minister at the weekend. It’s long past time the Scottish government demonstrated that Scotland cannot be a country where anyone with the money can buy whatever land and property they want, no questions asked.

Harvie explained that Trump has simply failed to generate positive economic activity for his tiny nation:

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Trump’s business in Scotland has never generated the number of jobs promised. But even if it had there is no reason to ignore the damage to Scotland’s international reputation through being associated with this toxic brand.

The workers at Turnberry and Menie are not responsible for his actions though, and they should be assured that holding him to account would not threaten their livelihoods.

The Trump Organization has sunk more than $250 million into massive renovations on the property. It has never turned a profit.

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