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Schumer: Mitch McConnell Wants The Russians To Interfere

Schumer: Mitch McConnell Wants The Russians To Interfere

About a week ago, Joe Scarborough opined that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should be called Moscow Mitch. The Kentucky senator responded to the insult by delivering a fiery defensive speech from the floor of the senate.

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Still, a number of lawmakers have wondered why McConnell has continually blocked votes on protecting the 2020 election. Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer has come up with his own theory as to why the leader is blocking the bills. He believes  that McConnell wants the Russians to interfere in 2020.

Schumer made the comments during an appearance on SirisuXM Radio’s Joe Madison Show. The New York senator told the host, “They want the Russians to interfere because they think it’ll help them. It’s clear. Mueller made this clear that the Russians wanted Trump to win.”

The Senate Minority Leader also wondered why Republicans haven’t supported election integrity. “I mean, this should be in my opinion, a bipartisan issue. I mean, you had a clarion call from the former special counsel. What is the difficulty,” continued Schumer.

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The New York senator theorized that much of what McConnell does stems from fear of upsetting the President. “Donald Trump in his puerile, babyishness, if that’s even a word, is so upset at the fact that the Russians might have interfered, that it delegitimizes his election, and McConnell is so scared of Trump that he goes along,” said Schumer.

McConnell defended himself earlier this week, saying, “Let me make this crystal clear for the hyperventilating hacks who haven’t actually followed this issue. Every single member of the Senate agrees that Russian meddling was real and is real. We all agree that the federal government, state governments and the private sector all have obligations to take this threat seriously and bolster our defenses.”

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