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School Board Candidate Katie Williams Tweets Racially Inflammatory Material

School Board Candidate Katie Williams Tweets Racially Inflammatory Material

Normally, school board races are considered down-the-ballot races with little public interest. But nothing appears to be normal anymore. Katie Williams, a candidate for the Clark County School Board of Trustees, has a Twitter account which is no stranger to controversy. In her latest Tweet, Williams shows support for Amy Cooper, the New York woman who called police on a black man in Central Park during an encounter involving her unleashed dog. Cooper is white. Reaction from the local community was swift, and it was fierce.

Williams, a US Army veteran and a hard right-winger, regularly used the reference “China Virus”  and “Kung Flu” in her tweets in the early days of the Pandemic. But over the past few series of days during the nationwide riots and demonstrations protesting police brutality, Williams made it known which side she was on. And she clearly is not with Black Lives Matter.

The Clark County School District (CCSD) has more than 300 schools with more than 320,000 students in Southern Nevada which includes metro Las Vegas. Four school board seats are up for grabs in the primary election coming up on Tuesday. Williams’ campaign got off to a rough start in the Spring when she tweeted that she was determined to eat at a local restaurant despite the nationwide closures related to COVID-19 Coronavirus because this was “Murica.” 

Sadly, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

She recently also appeared to voice her support for Candace Owens. Owens is an American conservative commentator and political activist. She is known for her pro-Trump activism that began around 2016 after being initially very critical of Trump and the Republican Party, and her criticism of Black Lives Matter and of the Democratic Party.

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The election will be held this Tuesday in Clark County, Nevada. School board races are not generally considered to be partisan races, but this candidate has definitely made her politics an issue.


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