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Schiff: This is the Moment Where Any Trump Staffer With a Conscience Should Resign

Schiff: This is the Moment Where Any Trump Staffer With a Conscience Should Resign

Two former Trump staffers have been in the news for their recent resignations. Miles Taylor, former Chief of Staff to the DHS Secretary, couldn’t take Donald Trump’s general incompetence. Olivia Troye, who was a key staffer to Mike Pence, left the White House over Donald Trump’s COVID response.

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On Wednesday, Donald Trump told reporters that he likely wouldn’t accept the results of a free and fair election. Adam Schiff says this is the moment where any staffers with a conscience should announce their resignation.

The California congressman made the comments during an appearance on Rachel Maddow’s show. The host noted, “this is essentially the president in new territory in terms of his threat to the democracy.”

Schiff responded, “This is a moment that I would say to any Republican of good conscience working in the administration, it is time for you to resign… If you have been debating about whether you can continue to serve the country by serving this president, you can’t. It is time to resign.”

The Democratic lawmaker continued:

“You have to maintain dignified speech now. You have to speak out. Do not wait until after the election, do not wait until we have the chaos the president wants after the election when he seeks to, as he said, get rid of the ballots. Because if you do wait and knowing what is to come, you will share some of the burden and responsibility for the chaos that comes.”

Watch a clip of the comments below, courtesy of MSNBC:



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