“Scary Numbers”: Dr. Oz Says Trump’s Age, Obesity, Complicate his COVID Case

Donald Trump likes the paint himself as the picture of virility. He is often aided in this effort by White House doctors who make grandiose claims about his heath.

Via David Berkowitz Flickr

In reality, though, Trump is quite unhealthy. He is in his mid-70’s, he is obese, and he has to take cholesterol lowering drugs for heart health. Dr. Mehmet Oz explained today how all of these factors could affect his COVID-19 recovery.

Oz told the hosts of Fox and Friends, “My bigger concern at a personal level is that the president has two important risk factors for Covid complications. So getting the virus is one thing, and having a complication is another, as we have been debating throughout the pandemic.”

The TV doctor continued:

“At age 74 and being 244 pounds, which takes his BMI over 30, which is the obese category, he’s got those two risk factors. Here in New York City, being obese was the single biggest risk factor for having big-time complications,” he explained. “But just going on age, if you’re a young male versus a 74-year-old gentleman, the difference is quite dramatic. 74-year-olds are going to be about five times higher to have hospitalization and probably about 90 times higher mortality rate.”

Oz closed his remarks, “So these are scary numbers. It’s important that we watch him carefully over the next couple of days to see which direction he’ll head. I’m hopeful, you know he’s stayed pretty active, and our prayers of course are with anyone who’s infected, but especially those in the vulnerable populations.”


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