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Scarborough: Trump Was Desperate to be Loved by Bob Woodward

Scarborough: Trump Was Desperate to be Loved by Bob Woodward

Donald Trump has been in love with the New York media since the late 70’s. When he was an up and coming real estate mogul, the President was reportedly thrilled to see his name in the paper. He reportedly took it a step further in the 80’s and 90’s, creating his John Barron persona to give the media tips about himself.

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After the fallout from Bob Woodward’s reveal that Trump knew about the deadliness of COVID-19 and downplayed it, the President slammed him as a fading journalist. This irony of this situation, said Joe Scarborough, is that Trump was desperate for the approval of the legendary columnist.

During Thursday’s broadcast, the Morning Joe host asked, “There are a lot of people waking up this morning listening to the excerpts, may have heard some of them yesterday and they’re wondering, why in the world would Donald Trump ever talk to Bob Woodward, and just admit all the things that he admitted, that are politically devastating?”

Scarborough continued:

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“He loves the media, he reveres the media. He would love to be loved by the New York Times by Bob Woodward, and you look at the book and Donald Trump keeps fretting to Bob Woodward, ‘You’re not going to do a hit job, are you? You’re not going to do a hit job on me, are you?’ It’s his own supporters that he has contempt for, he has contempt for most people, in fact, even family members. But the media he reveres.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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