Scarborough: Trump Shouldn't be Running for President, He Should be in Jail

During his Thursday morning show, Joe Scarborough said that Donald Trump shouldn't be worried about Colorado ballots, he should be sitting in prison. 

The former President is quite busy right now. He is attempting to fight numerous court cases while also running for President. As a candidate whose appeal is heavily reliant on victimhood, Trump is also doing a lot of complaining. And the Morning Joe host finds it a bit rich. 

Scarbrough began:

"They know that he told people they needed to storm the Capitol, they needed to stop the count. He got extraordinarily angry with the Secret Service when they stopped him from going up there because he wanted to march on the floor. He wanted to be in the center of the insurrection. You know, it's so maddening when Donald Trump talks about the, quote, 'hostages' and how grotesque to say that with what's going on in Israel. But Donald Trump talks about the hostages being held, about the people who beat the hell out of cops."

The host continued, "Donald Trump has still escaped justice. Donald Trump is not in jail for committing insurrection, which we all know he did. Americans know he did. He's out of jail because he is rich and powerful. Those people being in jail, those working Americans that followed his instructions and told the judges they were just following his insurrection instructions, they're in jail because they're not rich and powerful like Donald Trump."

Scarborough closed, "so, yeah, yeah, he committed insurrection. Yes, if there were justice already, he'd be a lot more concerned about things than just not being on the Colorado Republican ballot. He'd be concerned because he should be in jail."