Scarborough: Trump is Praying for the Economy to Collapse

The economy was in rough shape when Joe Biden took office. And many expected the country would soon enter into a recession. That did not happen. While it is not perfect, the economy has flourished under Joe Biden. 

The current economic numbers present a problem for Donald Trump has he often tells his voters that he is the only person who can fix the country. During a Tuesday segment on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough explained why Donald Trump is hoping for the economy to tank. 

The MSNBC host began:

"What you have to love is that he's once again exposed himself to show just how horrific of a public servant he would be. This is a guy that admitted on television because he's so focused on himself, that he wants Americans to hurry up and lose their jobs. He wants them to lose their savings, he wants them to lose their 401(k)s. Yes, he wants their retirement accounts to be shattered over the next 12 months. He's that desperate to be elected."

Scarborough continued, "Now, if you talk to economists from left to right, they will tell you, this economy is stronger than it's been. It's more resilient than they ever expected it to be. This economy, you even had conservatives, you had [Wall Street Journal editor] Gerard Baker, no fan of Joe Biden, saying one of the big winners of 2023 last year was the United States economy. It is strong."