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Scarborough: The Entire GOP is a Russian Asset

Scarborough: The Entire GOP is a Russian Asset

There was a time when multiple Republican lawmakers were clear on their stance against Vladimir Putin. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson was denied a visa  due to his criticism of the Russian President. Former Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, urged Donald Trump to realize that Putin wasn’t an ally after Trump’s continued praise of the man.

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Since the beginning of the Impeachment Inquiry into Donald Trump, though, conservative politicians have frequently used talking points popular with the Kremlin. During Monday’s broadcast of his show, Joe Scarborough claimed that the entire GOP has become a Russian asset.

Earlier this year, Scarborough branded the Senate Majority Leader, Moscow Mitch McConnell, due to his lack of action on Russian meddling. Now he is blaming all the members of the party he once represented in Congress.

“What about these Republicans, the host asked. “These so-called conservatives? People who stood by me as we fought against Russian influence and the spread of communism and fought for conservative values?”

Scarborough continued, “You have Republicans going on national television, repeating Putin talking points. The United States Senate even got a warning from the intel agencies, Donald Trump’s intel agencies, that this is propaganda that Vladimir Putin has been trying to push for the past several years.”

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The former Florida congressman closed the segment, “The question is, why is the Republican Party, why are conservatives who blame to be against Russian expansionism and authoritarianism, why are they willingly repeating Russian talking points made up by an ex-KGB officer?”


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