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Scarborough: Swing State Republicans Won’t Get Re-Elected If They Ignore Trump’s Abuses

Scarborough: Swing State Republicans Won’t Get Re-Elected If They Ignore Trump’s Abuses

A number of GOP lawmakers can support Donald Trump throughout the impeachment inquiry and feel no blow-back from their voters. In fact, for a number of Republicans, there is no choice but to remain in lockstep with the President throughout the process.

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Some Republicans, though, were elected in swing states and will face tough reelection bids in 2020. These lawmakers need to walk a tightrope of appealing to independent voters who may not be happy with Trump. On Tuesday, Joe Scarborough delivered a warning to these contenders, saying that if they ignore Trump’s abuses of power, they won’t be reelected.

Scarborough made the comments during a segment featuring former senator Claire McCaskill. McCaskill lost her 2018 reelection bid in swing state Missouri. The former Democratic lawmaker predicted that some GOP senators would break with Trump, but not enough for a conviction.

The host then mentioned Colorado senator Cory Gardner, warning:

“Good luck running in the general election, saying it’s okay to the people of Colorado it’s okay for the president of the United States to use military aid that the United States Congress already approved – that Cory Gardner already approved – the president held it up until he could get dirt on his chief Democratic rival. Good luck saying that’s okay and that’s not an abuse of power. Same with Susan Collins up in Maine. Good luck winning a general election unless you vote at least for one article of impeachment.”

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In addition to Collins and Gardner, Scarborough also singled out swing-state candidates like Martha McSally in Arizona and Joni Ernst in Iowa.

The Democrats are expected to introduce Articles of Impeachment on Tuesday morning.

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