Scarborough: Republicans are Rapidly Retiring Because They Don’t Want to be in Donald Trump’s Republican Party

The Republican party desperately needs Donald Trump’s supporters. The former president, however, does not seem inclined to share them. Last night, Trump released a statement urging his followers to donate directly to him rather than the RNC.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

On Monday, Missouri Senator Roy Blunt announced that he would retire rather than seeking reelection. He becomes the 5th GOP senator to do so. On Tuesday, Joe Scarborough argued that Republican lawmakers don’t want to be members of the party of Trump.

The former GOP congressman began, “They have defined conservatism by whether you support the biggest spending Republican in the history of the party. We saw Ben Sasse — he talked about this personality cult, he said it is not conservative. Yet Donald Trump is taking us one step further to that personality cult.

The MSNBC host continued, “When I hear Lindsey Graham talking about he’s capable of ‘magic,’ what magic, Lindsey? The magic that caused Republicans to lose House elections in 2018 by a historic margin? Is it magic? Is it magic for Donald Trump to get in the way and actually cede the two seats in Georgia and the control of the United States Senate to Democrats? Is that magic?”

Scarborough concluded, We’re now starting to see the establishment of the Republican Party peeling away one by one by one. They just don’t want to work in Donald Trump’s Republican Party anymore. — and it is now Donald Trump’s Republican Party.”

Watch a clip of the segment below courtesy of MSNBC:

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