Scarborough: Republican Cover-Up Is Best For Democrats in The Long Run

The Democrats have spent the last 5 months building an impeachment case against Donald Trump. They have attempted to interview numerous people from the Trump administration, but the President has blocked the majority of them.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Now that the impeachment process has moved from the House to the Senate, Republicans seemed primed to block witnesses from being heard. On the Friday broadcast of his show, Joe Scarborough made the argument that this is the best case scenario for Democrats.

The host began the segment by saying, “A friend called me yesterday who’s a big Democratic contributor, and he said why it’s best for the Democrats in the long run, is that they get this information out now, for Republicans to vote it down and shoot themselves in the political foot.” Scarborough continued, “I said ‘That’s not even a close call!’”

The former congressman explained why this was a losing move politically for Conservatives. “The American people are going to have a complete view of just how ugly this drug deal was by the time November rolls around, and just how guilty the president of the United States was, and just how much he put his own personal interest ahead of the interest of America’s national security.”

Scarborough closed his comments, “And every one of these Republicans are going to be held accountable for them obstructing Justice, obstructing a fair hearing by obstructing the calling of additional witnesses like John Bolton, who knows exactly what happened. They will people who will rigging this trial, and it’s just going to hurt them.”


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