Scarborough on Trump Rally-Goers: “What God do They Pray To?”

Donald Trump has fired up his rally schedule again. And while his events are smaller than they were in 2016, the crowd is no less aggressive. With the president’s urging, the attendees thumb their noses at safety protocols and social distancing.

Photo by Shannon Finney/WireImage

The Trump rally-goers also chant and yell about anyone in the media who would dare criticize the president. This includes Ali Veshi, a MSNBC anchor, who was shot with rubber bullets this summer while covering a protest, much to the delight of Trump and his fans. After airing a clip of the rally-goers laughing about the matter, Joe Scarborough wondered, “what God do they pray to?”

Scarborough began the segment, “Can you imagine celebrating the agony of a human being getting shot and knocked to the ground and then calling it a beautiful thing and having people cheer the way they did? My question is not, who is Donald Trump. We know who Donald Trump is all too well, unfortunately.”

The host continued:

“Who are those people that are cheering for a man being shot for doing his job and being in agony and crumbling to the ground in agony? Who are those people? What would their parents think of them, how did their parents raise them?” That’s right; I’m asking that question. How did their parents raise them? And what god do they pray to at night that would celebrate, applaud, cheer, a man getting shot by a rubber bullet and being in excruciating pain?”


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