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Scarborough on Pence: Maybe he Should Read the Gospel

Scarborough on Pence: Maybe he Should Read the Gospel

It is impossible to think about Vice President, Mike Pence, without thinking about his strict adherence to his Christianity. The Vice President has supported multiple “Religious Freedom” laws and often claims that Christians are often persecuted in America.

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After a stunning New Yorker report that detailed the poor treatment of migrant children in detention facilities, Pence seemed to brush away questions from CNN’s Jake Tapper about detention facilities. According to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, these comments are at odds with his Christian faith.

After showing a clip of the CNN interview, Scarborough said:

“Mike Pence is lying about children living in torturous positions right there. Mike Pence who claims to be a devout Christian — I’m sure he is, but he uses it as a political badge of honor. Mike should read the gospels again and see what Jesus says about the treatment of little children.”

The host continued his take down of the Vice President:

“You can start at Luke 17:2. Something about no stones being hung around people’s neck. You have got to explain to us what does the administration think they are gaining by allowing children to walk around the lice and walk around without diapers and 8-year-olds having to take care of 2 or 3-year-olds?”

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Following the devastating New Yorker report, the White House worked hard to spin against the narrative. Part of that messaging is the false story that Barack Obama began the policy of child separation. The President told Meet the Press this weekend, “You know, under President Obama you had separation. I was the one that ended it.”



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