Scarborough: Markets Are Dropping Because Administration Can’t Answer Basic Questions

The stock market has fallen precipitously over the past two weeks including a 2,352 Dow Jones drop on Thursday. Some of this was inevitable due to a global pandemic. But some of it has also been attributed to Donald Trump’s leadership during the crisis.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

On Friday’s airing of his MSNBC show, Joe Scarborough discussed the recent turmoil in the market. The Morning Joe host believes that members of the Trump administration has also contributed to the drop with their inability to answer basic questions.

The former Congressman began, “Martha MacCallum went back at her (Seema Verma, head of the CMS) three times. The answer was, instead of ventilators, she talked about rapid dialog, we’re going to have rapid dialogue.”

The host continued, “The head of HHS (Alex Azar) was asked a very direct question. Sean Hannity asked a question following up on what the president said, if you want to test you can get a test, Sean Hannity asked a question, I think the most important question actually that Americans want to know right now, if I want a test for my parents, if I want to test my grandparents, if I want to test for my child, for my boy or girl that have an underlying health condition, can I get it?”

“Azar didn’t answer, what did he say, he said we’re going to try to make it quote ‘a more seamless experience,” said the pundit.

Scarborough concluded, “This is why the markets are freaking out! This is why the markets have lost the majority of what they gained under Donald Trump as president. These questions have to be answered!”

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