Scarborough: MAGA World Won't Care, But Other Voters Tired of Trump's Lies

When classified documents were discovered at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, he had plenty of excuses. But according to CNN, Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is in possession of a tape of the former President talking about the classified documents. 

It is likely that MAGA voters won't care at all about Trump's lies and Republican lawmakers will do everything they can to protect him. Despite this, Joe Scarborough says the actions of the former President will crush him in swing states. 

The Morning Joe host began, "There's some hardcore supporters who will say it doesn't matter that Donald Trump is a liar, it doesn't matter that he stole classified documents, it doesn't matter that he obstructed justice, it doesn't matter that he broke the law."

Scarborough continued:

"I think the indictment that's sure to come now from the Justice Department is really going to hurt Donald Trump in the suburbs of Atlanta, Philly, Detroit, Milwaukee -- you name it, Maricopa County, where all of these swing voters are that decide elections," he said. "Again, Trump people say, it's fine, it's fine. They won't come out and say it, but they like that he's a liar. They like that he lies to the FBI, they like that he lies to the DOJ, they like that he lies to everybody because they think, somehow, in some perverse, twisted logic, they think, somehow, that's sticking it to the libs, by being a liar constantly -- living your entire life being a lie in public service. That's what they think."